Family Law

Family law is one of the most contentious and emotional practice areas. A good family lawyer possesses not only a thorough understanding of the local legal system, but also the sensitivity and compassion needed to work with distressed clients. Trusted family attorney Octavio Andrade boasts these and many other admirable qualities. He has an excellent reputation throughout the Altamonte Springs area and thus, is the perfect legal representative to have on your side as you tackle difficult family matters.

Family Law Services at The Law Office of Andrade, P.A.

Much of Octavio Andrade’s work in family law involves the divorce process, which, without the right family lawyer, can be a complete disaster. Octavio Andrade helps divorcing and separating spouses arrive at essential agreements regarding child custody, support, visitation, spousal support, and division of property. His clients often differ in their preferred approach, with some opting for the relatively peaceful mediation process, and others pursuing litigation. Regardless of your preferred approach, you can depend on Octavio Andrade for proactive and attentive legal service.

Although the vast majority of the family matters handled at The Law Office of Andrade, P.A. involve divorce and separation, Octavio Andrade is also willing to assist his clients with other legal concerns, including prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements, and adoption. Although typically not as contentious as divorce and separation, these matters must be handled with great care, as poor counsel could ultimately pave the path to future legal issues.

Octavio Andrade: Aggressive, Attentive, and Determined

Octavio Andrade brings a unique combination of sensitivity and zealousness to his work as a family law attorney. Clients greatly appreciate the respectful candor he utilizes. He tells his clients what they need to hear, as opposed to what they want to hear. However, regardless of the message he delivers, he always maintains a compassionate tone. He knows just how emotional family law can be, and his primary goal is to ease this burden.

Although he is always eager to bring about a spirit of cooperation, Octavio Andrade takes on more of an aggressive approach when litigation is deemed necessary. Determined to secure favorable resolutions for his clients, he works hard to bring each case to a satisfactory conclusion. If you require assistance from a knowledgeable and passionate attorney, do not hesitate to get in touch with The Law Office of Andrade, P.A.