Client Reviews

Reliable and Honest – Highly Recommended Attorney

Attorney Octavio is the best attorney I have ever worked with. He has helped me and my family throughout the years and I will continue to seek his help for any legal issues. I am extremely grateful for everything he has done for us especially for his guidance and honesty. He was very straightforward, professional, and went out of his way to help us in any way he could. I would highly recommend him to anyone for future services.

- (5 star review)

Extremely Impressed

I’ll begin my review by stating that i’m a former client and i’m extremely impressed with Octavio and his work.

Back in early January of 2014 i paid $2,500 to other law firms and in a time span of 2 years I’ve had 4 different attorneys for various false allegations.

In conclusion, retaining Octavio was the best decision I made not only because of how productive he handled my case but also his professionalism.

Thank you kindly Irene, Sulivan and Octavio.
I will surely recommend my friends, family and peers of your law firm.

- (5 star review)

Great Attorney and Great Team

Well for me I met Attorney Andrade through a recommendation from a friend while I was in jail. I’ve never broke a law in my life and one night got into a heated argument. The other guy lied about what happened and next thing I know the police were at my door arresting me for what was considered Domestic Violence, even though it wasn’t a domestic setting. To this day I don’t understand that but it basically broke down to assault in a dwelling against another guy I knew. It was a false charge and a completely bogus arrest but there was nothing I could do about it. Cops weren’t going to listen to me, I tried actually and they didn’t.

In jail I was calling desperately for help but it was the middle of the night and was mainly getting answering machines from other law offices in the phone book. A friend recommended Attorney Andrade and when I called the guy answered. It was the middle of the night and he answered, took my info, kept me calm and showed up first thing to get ready for my arraignment in front of the judge.

Now even though I wasn’t a risk to anyone, and hadn’t broken the law before because the cops labeled as a domestic violence the judge wanted to keep me in jail or as the argument went on he wanted to put on a high bail amount. I didn’t have to say anything at all, Attorney Andrade spoke to the judge, defended me and go me a PTR (which I was told it was a pre-trial release) so I didn’t have to pay anything. I was released and went home.

A few days later I went to Andrade’s law office and met his team. His office manager Erika helped me with the paperwork and explained to me everything I needed to do. They also helped me with the payments and Attorney Andrade sat down with me to work on my defense. he kept reassuring me that he had my back as I was still scared since I’ve never been through anything remotely like this before. He kept me calm throughout the process and kept reminding me my life wasn’t over.

A few weeks went by and I got a call from Attorney Andrade telling me that my case was dismissed and all charges were dropped. That’s when it sunk in what happened, what could have happened to me and what I could have lost. Domestic violence and assault charges in Florida are scary. Worst it was for a bogus charge, Attorney Andrade was able to get it completely thrown out and removed from my record so it doesn’t penalize me in future background checks.

I’ve been coming back to him for other business as well, from help with a speeding ticket to helping me with business as well.

The team in his offices are really nice and caring people. They are always sweet to me and anyone else that come in. Very professional and knowledgeable. The attorney was prompt when getting back to me if I called in and he really helped me out a lot. Avoiding like crazy ever being in that type of situation again but he did help me avoid this one so Im thankful.

I would highly recommend Attorney Andrade if you are looking for a great lawyer.

- (5 star review)

Excellent Attorney

Lawyer Octavio Andrade was very helpful. Going through divorce is not easy, but when you have a great lawyer on your side things can’t go wrong. I am thankful I had him as my lawyer, and definitely use his service again if I have to. I would strongly recommend his services to my family and friends.

- (5 star review)

Grateful to Attorney Andrade

I’m extremely grateful to attorney Andrade for his guidance, support and generosity in helping my mother on her case. From the very beginning Andrade was generous with his time, gave us advise and was very helpful explaining the procedures of the case in Spanish and English to us. We were very happy with the results of the case and we will always be grateful to Andrade and his team at Attorney Andrade Law Firm for thoroughly explaining every step and getting us through it. I highly recommend attorney Andrade because I am sure he will do an excellent job for you! God bless and thank y’ll again!

- (5 star review)

Outstanding Legal Service Provided

Attorney Andrade represented me in a complicated case involving one of my neighbors. He is a very smart and compassionate attorney who knows his stuff. He was always available on the phone/email and responded to my queries promptly. Above all he is a great human being who genuinely cares for his clients. I would highly recommend his firm and services to any of my friends and family.

- (5 star review)


I have nothing but the best things to say about Octavio. It’s never fun to get into situations where you need a lawyer, but if you do he is the one to call. Gave me such a sense of comfort that I was in the best hands. He communicated with my family and I in such a way that I knew he was in my corner at a very difficult time. I’ll never forget that feeling. Excellent attorney!

- (5 star review)

Amazing Attorney

Octavio Andrade is a great lawyer that fights for what the client needs, and really helped me in my legal issues. Responded in timely matter and was attentive to my needs. I was referred by a previous client of his who had said he was a great attorney and i was not disappointed with the results. Definitely recommend and would use his services again without hesitation.

- (5 star review)

Great and very professional

Octavio Andrade is an amazing attorney. I was very happy with his services. He is very professional and very personable. He handled my legal matter with the highest level of respect, empathy and professionalism. I would refer Mr. Andrade to my friends and family any day.

- (5 star review)

Great Services

My experience with the Lawyer Mr. Octavio Andrade has been excellent, very knowledgeable , I would recommend him any time to my friends and family for future services.

- (5 star review)

Highly Recommended Attorney

This was the first time I have ever had to retain an attorney and I could not have had it go any better. Mr. Andrade was extremely professional and communicated clearly and frequently. I felt he was truly vested in my case and was my advocate. I would recommend Mr. Andrade without reservation.

- (5 star review)