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When you step into the Law Office of Andrade, expect to meet a legal professional who is down-to-earth, knowledgeable, client centric and results oriented. Attorney Octavio treats all of his clients legal problems just as if they were his own. Clients are always his top priority, and he is always happy to answer any questions and keep his clients updated as their case progresses.

A Client-Centric Approach: Attorney Octavio Andrade

Whether it’s a criminal charge, divorce, deportation or personal injury issue, attorney Octavio Andrade is a strong advocate on your behalf and fights to ensure that your rights are upheld. If you’re charged with a criminal offense, he ensures that you’re treated fairly throughout the criminal justice process. He works hard to create a strong criminal defense strategy, including speaking with law enforcement, taking witness statements and reviewing evidence. He’s also upfront with his clients. If the evidence is strong against you, he’ll likely recommend taking a plea with the prosecutor. His successes include case dismissal, reduced charge, parole rather than jail time and reduced sentencing.

Attorney Octavio Andrade also advises clients of all of their legal options and guides clients in choosing the best option for their circumstances. For example, mediation may be a smarter choice than family court when it comes to divorce-related matters. When compared to court, mediation is less contentious, costly and time consuming.

Personal Injury Cases and Immigration Issues: The Law Office of Andrade

Attorney Octavio Andrade is experienced in personal injury cases. From medical malpractice and car accidents to slip and falls and product liability, he has won substantial awards for his clients. He knows how to establish the elements of negligence for a win and how to negotiate with the insurance companies. At the Law Office of Andrade, clients can get legal help with a variety of immigration issues, such as green cards, work visas, naturalization and deportation.

Facing a criminal charge or divorce? Been harmed to the negligence of another party? Turn to attorney Octavio Andrade for legal assistance. Let his experience work for you.